The Role of Moldic Porosity in Paleozoic Kansas Reservoirs and the Association of Original Depositional Facies and Early Diagenesis With Reservoir Properties

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-32

Moldic Porosity and Petrophysics

Permeability and Pore Throats

Though permeability is shown correlated with porosity, variables that control permeability in Mississippian rocks include pore throat size and distribution, grain size distribution, moldic pore size and packing, and moldic pore connectivity. Porosity is only one of the variables
controlling permeability and bivariate correlation therefore relies on the correlation between porosity and the other controlling variables. A crossplot of permeability and principal pore throat diameter (PPTD) illustrates the control PPTD exerts on permeability.

Events Important to Reservoir Properties in the Schaben Field

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