Statistically-based Lithofacies Predictions for 3-D Reservoir Modeling:An Example from the Panoma (Council Grove) Field,Hugoton Embayment,Southwest Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-30

Panoma (Council Grove) Geomodel


Initial data set included 11,367 wells with detailed formation-member level tops picked by Hugoton consortium funded KGS geologists
Initial quality check of tops showing obvious data busts; rotated view looking north. Tops were corrected for wells with proper log suite for facies/petrophysical modeling. Other tops were deleted
Distribution of approximately 500 wells with proper log suite used for facies and petrophysical modeling

Data Management

Tops data set  
24,879 Total wells in initial PETRA project, including regions outside of model
12,097 Wells having at least Council Grove top pick by KGS geologist
11,367 Wells in initial structure model.
10,836 After screening for tops busts. Further screening reduced the well
count to10,700.
Digital well log data set
1,103 Sufficient Council Grove penetration
536 After removing wells with bad curves, data gaps or other problems
469 Final count after further screening

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