Paleotopography and Sea-Level Controls on Facies and Thickness Variability of Transgressive Limestones: Upper Pennsylvanian Merriam Limestone, NE Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-26

Locality BSQ- channel margin to channel low

Photomosaics and line drawings showing bedding geometries and facies relationships in the Merriam Limestone at a quarry location in Bonner Springs, Kansas. The Merriam thickens over 6X into a low from the area shown in A to the area shown in B, a distance of <300 m, a scale similar to that witnessed at locality II.

Bonner Springs consists of heterolithic strata of the inter-laminated mudstone and siltstone facies. The paleosol horizon is not developed here. Merriam facies at the margin and in channel lows are similar to those seen at location II. Fill of small-scale channel forms (marked SSC on figs. A and B) involves only beds of the silty-sandy skeletal PS facies, which show truncation, thinning and convergence, lap-out, and overlap geometries at the margins. Note that the fossiliferous shale within the Merriam is absent here, and the Hickory Creek Shale does not thicken into the low as at locality II.

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