Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2001-14
2000 Digital Petroleum Atlas Annual Report

Current Database Layout

The Digital Petroleum Atlas uses a Master List of Oil and Gas Wells to bring together all of the information on oil and gas wells owned, maintained, or generated through the DPA or other efforts in the Kansas Geologic Survey. While the DPA originally maintained all its own database tables, that duplication of effort was not seen to be cost effective. The current database structure and list of tables accessed by the DPA is shown in figures 9 and 10.

With this new design of the atlas using dynamic pages linked to relational databases, DPA project members can concentrate on producing the interpreted maps and assembling data. Other Kansas Geologic Survey staff can proceed on well header maintenance. In addition, detailed geological work on the DPA, Hugoton, Panoma, Schaben, or other projects improves the main oil and gas databases, while work independent of the DPA on the main database improves the files used by the DPA project.

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