When the Oz Machine is started it generates a synthetic lithology sequence and the corresponding logs, displaying the logs only, leaving the depth track ready to be "painted" with the an interpreted lithological sequence.

Painting is accomplished by clicking on the desired lithology icon on the right and then clicking on locations in the depth track to which you wish to assign that lithology. The 100-foot thick sequence is divided into 50 two-foot thick intervals, each of which can accept a single lithology image. The lithology assignment for an interval can be changed by clicking on that interval after selecting a different lithology or cleared by clicking on the interval after selecting the "Unknown" button.

At any point in the excercise, you may turn on the "Check lithology" option (by clicking the checkbox) to have the code compare your lithology assignments to the true (synthetic) lithology values. Any incorrect selections are flagged with a red diamond and remain flagged until replaced with the correct value (or until the "Check lithology" option is turned off again).

Clicking on the "New (without lithology)" button clears the display and replaces it with a new synthetic log sequence with an empty lithology column.

Alternatively, you may click on the "New (with lithology)" button to generate a new sequence with the depth track filled in with the true values, providing an opportunity to study the log signatures produced by different lithological sequences.

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