Characterization of Mississippian Osage Chat in South-Central Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-50


Understanding petroleum production from, and future potential of, the chat requires understanding the nature of deposition and diagenesis, the role of tectonics, lithofacies controls on petrophysical properties, and log response to these properties. Important conclusions are:

Depositional, Diagenetic, and Tectonic



These models provide some additional insight from the extensive work that has preceded this study into the chat of south-central Kansas. They also provide additional data in understanding the nature of controls on reservoir properties that could apply to other shallow shelf chert reservoir systems.

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Appreciation is extended to General Atlantic and Ocean Energy, Inc. for supporting the Petrofacies Project and providing considerable information on Spivey-Grabs Field. Jim Rogers is also thanked for providing encouragement on this project. Patricia Acker is thanked for graphic arts support.

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