Project Management and Coordination, Geological Characterization

Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas

Tandis Bidgoli, Joint-PI--co-project lead, structural geology, fault reactivation/leakage risks
Yvehen 'Eugene' Holubnyak, Co-PI--lead engineer, dynamic modeling
K. David Newell--Co-PI, site characterization
John Doveton, Co-PI--log petrophysics
Susan Stover, Outreach Manager--public outreach, stakeholder alignment, policy analysis
Mina FazelAlavi, Key Personnel--petrophysical and well test analyses
John Victorine, Key Personnel--data management; website; web-based tools
Jennifer Hollenbach--CO2 Programs Manager, scheduling, meetings, reporting
W. Lynn Watney, carbonate sedimentology/stratigraphy

Improved Hydrocarbon Recovery, LLC, Lawrence, KS

Martin Dubois, Joint-PI--co-project lead, reservoir modeling, economic feasibility

CO2 Source Assessments, Capture & Transportation, Economic Feasibility

The Linde Group, Americas Division, Houston, TX

Krish Krishnamurthy, Head of Group R&D--CO2 sources, capture technology, and economics
Kevin Watts, Dir. O&G Business Development--CO2 sources, transportation, and economics

Policy Analysis, Public Outreach and Acceptance

Great Plains Institute, Minneapolis, MN

Brendan Jordan, Vice President--policy & strategic initiatives, stakeholder facilitation
Brad Crabtree, V.P. Fossil Energy--policy and project development, strategic initiatives
Jennifer Christensen, Senior Associate--statutory and regulatory policy analysis
Dane McFarlane, Senior Research Analysist--analytics for policy research & development

Energy, Environmental, Regulatory, and Business Law & Contracts

Depew Gillen Rathbun & McInteer, LC, Wichita, KS

Christopher Steincamp, Attorney at Law--legal, regulatory, & policy analysis
Joseph Schremmer--Attorney at Law--legal, regulatory, & policy analysis

Committed Project Partners, CO2 Sources

Westar Energy

Brad Loveless, Executive Director of Environmental Services

Kansas City Board of Public Utilities

Ingrid Seltzer, Director of Environmental Services

Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

Clare Gustin, Vice President of Member Services & External Affairs

CHS, Inc. (McPherson Refinery)

Rick Johnson, Process Engineering and Development Manager
Richard K. Leicht, Vice President of Refining

Committed Project Partners, Kansas Oil & Gas Operators

Blake Production Company, Inc., Davis Ranch and John Creek fields

Austin Vernon, Vice President

Knighton Oil Company, Inc., John Creek field

Earl M. Knighton, Jr., President

Casillas Petroleum Corp, Pleasant Prairie field

Chris K. Carson, Vice President of Geology & Exploration

Berexco, LLC, Wellington, Cutter, and other fields

Dana Wreath, Vice President
Chris K. Carson, Vice President of Geology & Exploration

Stroke of Luck Energy & Exploration, LLC, Leach and Newberry fields

Ken Walker, Operator

Committed Project Partners, Regulatory

Kansas Department of Health & Environment

John W. Mitchell, Director, Division of Environment


ICKan is a DOE-funded Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage project of the Kansas Geological Survey. More ...