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Acquisition Activity, Statistical Quality Control, and Spatial Quality Control for 1997 Annual Water Level Data Acquired by the Kansas Geological Survey

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The Division of Water Resources (DWR) of the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) are the primary sponsors of the Statewide annual water level measurement program (Woods and Schloss, 1996). Annual measurements are taken in about 1,500 wells located predominantly in central and western Kansas (Figure 1). These annual measurements are nominally taken during the months of January and February in stock wells, irrigation wells, abandoned wells, household wells, and monitor wells. The data acquired during these yearly measurements are tabulated by the KGS to establish trends and allow evaluation and judgments for effective water resource management.

Figure 1--Spatial distribution and responsible agency of annually measured wells.

map of Kansas showing annually measured wells

KGS responsibility for acquiring annual water levels at USGS/KGS assigned wells began with the 1997 measurement season. A conscious effort was made to improve and/or determine: accuracy, quality, quantity, cost benefit, and regional public service/support of the data and program. From conception this program focused on improving the quality and general accuracy of the data itself and therefore policy or scientific decisions based on these data. The need to know the quality and accuracy of these data strongly influenced both the acquisition plan and quality control strategies implemented during the 1997 season. This report includes a summary of acquired data, significant measurement characteristics, and an analysis of statistical and spatial quality control.

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