Rules Resources References Glossary

Now that you have investigated and applied each of the three remediation technologies, you will need to evaluate them to determine which remediation design is the most appropriate and cost effective. Map View has created a file called gwActionLog.txt and has placed it automatically on your computer's desk top. Double-click on the file to open it and review its contents. If you wish to format it to make it more readable, the file can be opened in a word processor. The contents of gwActionLog.txt will help remind you of the actions you took and their results during both simulations.

The navigation bar has tabs containing all the references, resources, and rules for both simulations and there is a tab for the glossary of terms. These sources will help you summarize your work and evaluate each remediation technology and design. To help you with the evaluation review the description of each technology under the References tab, especially the pages summarizing the advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with each technology. The information provided under the Resources tab will help you tailor your evaluation to this specific environmental problem.