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Completion of March 2004 Acquisition Trip and Preliminary Processing--Fig. 3

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Figure 3--Comparison of shot gathers from three trips. Before CO2 injection (top), after 6 weeks of CO2 injection (middle, ~200,000 gallons), and then after a little more than three months of CO2 injection (bottom, ~450,000 gallons). Reflections from the Lansing-Kansas City (L-KC) should be arriving between 550 and 590 msec, depending on source offset. Exact time depths are determined from VSP and synthetic seismograms produced from nearby sonic logs. The boxed area is enlarged in Figure 4.

shot gathers before injection.

shot gathers after 3 months of injection.

shot gathers after 6 months of injection.

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Kansas Geological Survey, 4-D Seismic Monitoring of CO2 Injection Project
Placed online June 9, 2004
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