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Principal Investigator (Program Manager): Timothy R. Carr, Energy Research Section, Kansas Geological Survey
Principal Investigator: Scott W. White, KU Energy Research Center

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The Midcontinent Interactive Digital Carbon Atlas and Relational DataBase (MIDCARB), a digital spatial database for five states (Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, and Ohio), will allow users to identify the amount of CO2 available for sequestration in relation to a source supply, the geologic security and safety of a sequestration site, the long-term effects on a reservoir, and the cost of compression and transport of CO2 between source and sequestration site. MIDCARB will organize and enhance the critical information about CO2 sources, and develop the technology needed to access, query, model, analyze, display, and distribute natural-resource data related to carbon management.

NATCARB, by extending MIDCARB to all 50 states and adding provinces in Canada, is a project to explore geological sequestration of carbon through linking geological and emission databases from several regional centers into a single interactive mapping system.