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News Release, Kansas Geological Survey, May 4, 1995

KGS Student Awards

LAWRENCE--Three University of Kansas students were recently given awards for outstanding service to the Kansas Geological Survey.

Alex Martinez, a graduate student in geophysics from Houston, Missouri, was given the William W. Hambleton Award for Outstanding Research. Martinez has undertaken research in high-resolution seismic reflection, using several techniques to provide images of subsurface geology. Results of his work have been presented at national scientific meetings. The Award is named after William W. Hambleton, director of the Kansas Survey from 1970 to 1986.

Martin Smith, a graduate student in geology from East Lansing, Michigan, was given the Frank C. Foley Groundwater Student Travel Award. Smith is studying the Dakota Formation, an underground water-bearing formation in western Kansas. Smith has used computerized methods to study and display information from records of water wells drilled in to the Dakota Formation. The award is named for Frank Foley, a groundwater researcher and director of the Survey from 1954 to 1970.

Lisa Strahm, a pre-physical therapy major from Independence, Kansas, was given the Norman Plummer Outstanding Student Award. Strahm is an assistant in the Survey's personnel office. The Award is named for Noman Plummer, a long-time Survey researcher who studied clays and other ceramic materials from central Kansas.

The Hambleton and Plummer Awards are cash awards to the student, while the Foley Award funds travel to a professional groundwater conferences.

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