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News Release, Kansas Geological Survey, June 30, 2000

Wind Conference Blows into Kansas

LAWRENCE--Kansas has long been known for the winds that blow across the state. In late July, a group of 37 organizations will hold the first statewide conference on wind energy.

The meeting, July 24 at the Kansas State University Student Union in Manhattan, will include a field trip to the Jeffrey Energy Center, east of Manhattan, to see and discuss two 750-kilowatt wind turbines that were installed about a year ago.

Among those scheduled to appear at the meeting are Kansas Corporation Commission chairman John Wine, Kansas State University President John Wefald, and Western Resources executive vice-president Carl Koupal.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy, Bob Dixon, will provide the keynote address.

Sessions will be held on the potential for wind energy in Kansas, ways to stimulate the market for wind energy in the state, the basics of getting started in generating wind energy, rural and community wind-generating projects, and tying wind generators into the electric system.

The meeting will also include a trade show for exhibitors to display and discuss wind-generating equipment.

"Research shows that Kansas ranks third in the nation for the potential to produce electricity from wind power," said Scott White of the University of Kansas Energy Research Center, and one of the conference organizers. "The wind may be free, but the equipment for producing energy from the wind is not. Before we can produce large amounts of energy from the wind, people need to learn about accurate siting of wind projects, the social and legal aspects of wind power, backup systems, and how to install, operate, and maintain systems."

The conference is open to the public. There is no registration fee but individuals interested in attending should register by July 14. For registration information, see the meeting web site at or call White (removed) or Lori Forster of the Kansas Corporation Commission (785-271-3184).

"With the current concerns about the high cost of energy, this is an excellent time to discuss and analyze the alternatives," said Forster. "This statewide conference will be an excellent opportunity for Kansans to learn more about the potential for wind energy."

Story by Rex Buchanan, (785) 864-2106
For more information, contact Scott White, no longer at the KGS, or visit the Kansas Wind Energy 2000 web page.
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