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News Release, Kansas Geological Survey, April 11, 2000

Survey to Study Marion County Water Supply

LAWRENCE--Water specialists from the Kansas Geological Survey, based at the University of Kansas, will be working in Marion County over the next two years, studying the water supply for the town of Florence.

The study is part of a statewide water assessment program mandated by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. To help assure water quality, local communities are required to identify the source of their water supplies.

Florence's water comes from Crystal Spring, a spring about one mile north of the town that produces several thousand gallons of water per minute. Survey geologist Al Macfarlane will examine the extent of the area that provides water to the spring, and study the movement of groundwater into the spring.

Crystal Spring is one of the most prolific springs in Kansas. Most of the water that the spring produces begins as precipitation, falling on pastures north of spring. That water moves underground, eventually reaching a rock layer called the Barnestone Limestone, before exiting at Crystal Spring. Water that is not used by Florence flows into the Cottonwood River.

"Our work will help develop a better understanding of the source of water that recharges the spring," said Macfarlane. "One product will be a map of the area that captures water that flows into the spring."

As part of that process, Macfarlane will inventory wells in the area, monitor water quality at the spring, monitor local precipitation, and locate other springs and seeps in the area that recharges Crystal Spring.

The study is being funded by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment on behalf of the city of Florence.

Story by Rex Buchanan, (785) 864-2106
For more information contact Al Macfarlane (785) 864-2068

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