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large Wilson County geologic map

Publication Info

Wagner, H.C., 2000, Geologic map of Wilson County, Kansas: Kansas Geological Survey, Map M-51, scale 1:50,000, 48 inches by 32 inches
Paper copies of the complete map (with stratigraphic column and legend info) are available from the Kansas Geological Survey, 1930 Constant Ave., Lawrence, KS 66047 (or phone 785-864-3965) and at 4150 W. Monroe St., Wichita, KS 67209-2640 (phone 316-943-2343). The cost is $15.00, plus $5.00 for handling. Kansas residents should add 6.9% sales tax.

GIS Data

The Kansas Data Access and Support Center (DASC) has ArcInfo coverages available for this generalized geologic data.

Automated Cartography Unit, Kansas Geological Survey
Updated April 2000
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