Organization of ERC

ERC Campus Advisory Board

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Timothy R. Carr

Co-Director and Chief, Petroleum Research Section, Kansas Geological Survey
G. Paul Willhite Co-Director and Co-Director, Tertiary Oil Recovery Project
W. Lynn Watney Executive Director 
Don G. Green Chemical and Petroleum Engineering & Tertiary Oil Recovery Project
Anthony W. Walton Department of Geology
Randy VanSchmus Department of Geology
Tom Glavinich Architectural Engineering
Lee C. Gerhard Kansas Geology Survey
Curtis J. Sorenson Department of Geography

Functions of Advisory Board


Energy Analysis, non-renewable resources, Energy Analyis & Diagnostic Center
Physics, semiconductors, superconductors
Remediation, enhanced petroleum recovery
Solar, wind, fuel cells, thermal energy storage, biofuels, transportation alternatives, turbines
Utility regulations, energy storage systems, structures in energy generation, cogeneration, incineration, VOC conversion, biomass, atmospheric deposition, particulates, consumer incentives
Energy Environmental Policy, International Energy Policy, Law Administration, Natural resources, Economics, History, Geography
Water resources, aqueous geochemistry, hydrology, wetlands, brine correlation, groundwater pollution, fly ash utilization, remediation, soils, climate, geophysical data acquistion, GIS technology, petroleum exploration
Oil & gas reservoirs, production statistics, well logging, geochemistry, fluid flow, probability methods in petroleum exploration, digital petroleum atlas, GIS, technology transfer, stratigraphy, sedimentology
Petroleum reservoir engineering, gelation rheology utilitization, reservoir simulation
Coal resources, mining, liquification, coal bed methane, NOX removal from flue gas
Natural gas engines, exhaust emissions

June 2002
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