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Fossil Fuels: Petroleum Geology
Oil & gas reservoirs, production statistics, well logging, geochemistry, fluid flow, probability methods in petroleum exploration, digital petroleum atlas, GIS, technology transfer, stratigraphy, sedimentology

Pieter Berendsen

Kansas Geological Survey: Geochemistry, fluid flow, petrography

Tim Carr

Kansas Geological Survey: Geology and geophysics of oil and gas reservoirs

John Doveton

Kansas Geological Survey: Wireline geophysical logging, geostatistics

Paul Enos

Dept. of Geology, Emeritus, carbonate reservoir characterization

Evan Franseen evanf@kgs.ku.edu

Kansas Geological Survey: Carbonate petroleum reservoirs, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology

Robert Goldstein

Dept. of Geology, pore systems associated with oil and gas reservoirs

Bill Guy

Kansas Geological Survey, Emeritus: Wireline petrophysics logging and petrophysical reservoir

Ken Nelson nelson@kgs.ku.edu Kansas Geological Survey: DASC, land grid, geographic information systems

Daniel F. Merriam

Kansas Geological Survey, Emeritus

Dave Newell dnewell@kgs.ku.edu

Kansas Geological Survey: Reservoir characterization, improved oil recovery, gas quality, carbonate diagenesis, sedimentary depositional systems

Susan Nissen snissen@kgs.ku.edu

Kansas Geological Survey: Geophysics of petroleum reservoirs
Robert Sawin bsawin@kgs.ku.edu Kansas Geological Survey: Information resources, technology transfer, depositional environments
Larry Skelton lskelton@kgs.ku.edu Kansas Geological Survey: Wichita, sample cuttings collection
Dan Suchy dsuchy@kgs.ku.edu Kansas Geological Survey: Well and production information, databases
Anthony Walton walton@ku.edu Dept. of Geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy and diagenesis of petroleum reservoirs
Lynn Watney lwatney@kgs.ku.edu Kansas Geological Survey: reservoir characterization, sequence stratigraphy, integrated reservoir modeling, and web-based reservoir modeling

Last Modified February 2006