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1991 Symposium: The Dakota Aquifer in Kansas

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The original conference was held Wednesday, October 2 1991 at the Alderson Auditorium, Student Union, The University of Kansas.

Regional Hydrology of the Great Plains Aquifer System, Central United States
by John O. Helgeson and Robert B. Leonard

Regional Hydrogeology of the Dakota Aquifer in Southeastern Colorado and Kansas
by P. Allen Macfarlane

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Dakota Aquifer System
by Janet Coleman

Geohydrology of the Dakota Aquifer in Washington and Republic Counties
by Alan Wade

Geophysical Log Analysis of the Dakota Aquifer System
by John H. Doveton

A New Approach to Slug Tests in the Dakota Aquifer: Examples from Lincoln and Cloud Counties
by James J. Butler, Jr.

Water Quality of the Dakota Aquifer
by Donald O. Whittemore

Kansas Geological Survey, Dakota Aquifer Program
Original symposium held October 1991
Electronic version placed online April 1996
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