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Publication of the FY89 Annual Report and Map Plates

During FY90, the FY89 annual report of the Dakota aquifer program was published as part of the Kansas Geological Survey Open-File Report Series. This report (1) discusses the geologic framework, geohydrology, and ground-water geochemistry of the Dakota aquifer in Kansas from a regional perspective on the basis of existing information; (2) provides an outline of the major research direction that the Kansas Geological Survey intends to follow in the Dakota aquifer program; and (3) contains documentation for the geologic, geophysical log, geohydrologic, and ground-water geochemistry data bases that were developed in the FY89 program.

A significant part of this report is the 11 map plates which contain information at 1:1,000,000 scale on aspects of the Kansas Dakota aquifer geologic framework, geohydrology, and ground-water geochemistry. Table 3 is a listing of the map plates by plate number.

The maps that portray the geologic aspects of the Dakota aquifer framework and adjacent units were developed from the geologic and geophysical log data bases. These data bases are discussed further in the FY89 Annual Report of the Dakota Aquifer Program. The maps portrayed in Plates 1 and 3 through 11 were produced by the computer-aided cartographic system GIMMAP (Geodata Interactive Management Map Analysis and Production) developed by the KGS.

Table 3. Maps in the FY89 annual report of the Dakota aquifer program.

Plate Number
1 Predevelopment Potentiometric Surface of the Dakota aquifer
2 Water Types and Chloride Contour Map for Upper Dakota Aquifer
3 Top Configuration of the Dakota Aquifer
4 Thickness of the Dakota Formation
5 Top Configuration of the Kiowa Formation
6 Total Thickness of the Dakota Formation, Kiowa Formation, and Cheyenne Sandstone
7 Top Configuration of the Morrison Formation
8 Thickness of the Morrison Formation
9 Top Configuration of the Permian System
10 Top Configuration of the Cedar Hills Sandstone
11 Thickness of the Cedar Hills Sandstone

Procedures for generating large-size colored maps of publishable quality using ARC/INFO and the Calcomp plotter were developed and employed to produce Plate 2 in the FY89 report addendum. The plate was made to match the scale of the other 11 plates in the report addendum that were produced using the cartographic program GIMMAP written at the KGS and the Calcomp plotter. Other features of the plates were matched as closely as practical given the different nature of the water-chemistry map in comparison with the geologic and hydrologic maps.

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