Pottawatomie County--Lab Analyses

Data extracted from Table 1 in Bull. 1060-C; full table can be view on main Pottawatomie page.

Classification of material:Limestone
Location:NW NW SW sec. 21, T. 6 S., R. 10 E.
39.51356, -96.31342
Lithologic unit:Crouse limestone
Estimated amount
of material
(cubic yards)
Average thickness
Material Overburden
8,000 2 1.5 Good
Authority for Test Data State Highway Commission of Kansas (sieve analysis and lab tests)
and U.S. Geological Survey (collection and description)
Laboratory No. 66233
Date of Test 1-23-1950
Description of materials
The upper massive tan-gray layer is of the Crouse limestone; small cavities. Acceptable for surfacing.
Laboratory Test Data
Weight per cubic foot
(pounds dry)
Specific Gravity
Comprehensive strength ratio
(figures in parenthesis refer
to numbered days)
Los Angeles abrasion
percent wear
Los Angeles grading A
Deval abrasion (rock)
percent wear
Freeze and Thaw Soundness
loss ratio (25 cycles)
Absorption 5.12

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