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Pott Co. MISC: KDOT 900-75 K8212-01
Title: Kansas Department of Transportation. Geology Report, Final Design Geology Report, June 7 2001
To: Jim L. Kowach, P.E., Chief, Bureau of Design. ATTN: James O. Brewer, P.E., Engineering Manager, State Road Office
From: Delmar L. Thompson, P.G., Regional Geologist, Lawrence
Subject: Project 900-75 K-8212-01 Pottawatomie County State Fishing Lake Bridge. Bridge No. 900-75-1.40 (053), Bridge Approaches, Pottawatomie County

Final Design Geology Report, June 2001 (Acrobat PDF)

Bridge Foundation Geology Report, Dec. 2000 (Acrobat PDF)

view of small creek from bridge

view of gravel road, bridge