Pottawatomie County--KDOT Sites

KDOT 24-75 K-7642-01
Title: Bureau of Materials and Research, Geological Unit, Geology Station. Bridge Foundation Geology Report, August 2001
From: Gary R. Koontz, P.G., Chief Geologist. By Randy Billinger, P.G., Geologist II. Delmar Thompson, P.G., Regional Geologist
Subject: Project No. 24-75 K-7642-01 Bridge Widening Project US-24 over the Vermillion River Bridge No. 24-75-18.80 (008), 6.1 km (3.8 mi.) east of K-99 Junction, Pottawatomie County

KDOT Geology Report, Acrobat PDF file, 160 kB
Measured section, core info, Acrobat PDF file, 92 kB
Bridge plan and geology profile, Acrobat PDF file, 672 kB

View of bridge from highway

View of bridge from creek level

Long view of creek bed

Eroded bank of stream with tree and shrub roots

View of creek; white dead tree trunks and branches in water