Pottawatomie County--KDOT Sites

Pott Co. Hwy. 16: KDOT 16-75 K7428-01
Title: Kansas Department of Transportation. Geology Bridge Foundation Geology Report, April 7, 2004.
To: Jim L. Kowach, Chief, Bureau of Design ATTN: Ken Hurst, P.E. Engineering Manager, State Bridge Office
From: Delmar Thompson, P.G., Regional Geologist, Lawrence
Subject: Project 16-75 K-7428-01, K-16 over Spring Creek. Bridge No. 16-75-37.34(058). Pottawatomie County

KDOT Geology Report, Acrobat PDF file, 160 kB
Measured section, core info, Acrobat PDF file, 92 kB
Bridge plan and geology profile, Acrobat PDF file, 672 kB

roadcut or outcrop obscured by trees

road dips towards bridge and rises after bridge; grassland on either side of road

Spring Creek, top of Neva LS