Data point postings and Surface III

A posting is a map which shows the locations of the data points used to make a contour map. The posting may be a separate map or the control point locations may be superimposed on the contour map itself. Observations may be indicated by a variety of different symbols, and may be labeled with an identification number or short alphanumeric tag, or their Z value plotted next to the point. Surface III allows the user to control the placement of the labels associated with each control point.

The symbols can be labeled with the Z value at that location or with an ID code. All points can be drawn with the same symbol or a symbol code in the data set can assign the symbols.

The location of the labels is also adjustable by the user. In addition, Surface III can place labels so that overprinting is minimized.

Postings can be overlain on contour or color-filled maps. They can not be placed on three-dimensional fishnet plots.

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