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Ancient Life in Kansas Rocks, part 11 of 27

Common Fossils of Kansas--Orthid Brachiopods

Upper Pennsylvanian

Schizophoria, shown in the next photo (photo slightly enlarged), is an orthid brachiopod and is classified with Rhipidomella and Enteletes in the Superfamily Enteletacea. They have many similar internal features, but this genus commonly displays a low dorsal fold and ventral sulcus. (Stanton Limestone, Upper Pennsylvanian)


Enteletes, three samples of which are shown in the next photo, lived in moderately deep, clear, quiet waters and is thus found in light-colored pure limestone. (Enteletes, Plattsburg Limestone, Upper Pennsylvanian)



Rhipidomella (slightly enlarged) is a common orthid brachiopod genus. It is recognized by its subcircular outline with numerous fine radiating ridges, called costae. Weathered forms may reveal a large scalloped muscle scar in the pedicle valve, and no brachidium in the brachial valve. (Hughes Creek Shale, Lower Permian)


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