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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2015-18

Computing the Location of a Shallow Seismic Event

by John R. Victorine

KGS Open File Report 2015-18
July 2015

This analysis is in support of the South-central Kansas CO2 Project, Small Scale Field Test Demonstrating CO2 Sequestration. This document will describe the equations that will predict the location of shallow seismic events below a 15-sensor array, located around the Wellington KGS 2-32 Mississippian Injection Well. This analysis is designed to predict the location of any seismic event using three sensors to triangulate the position of the event. The solution to predicting the location of the seismic event is to translate from an earth coordinate system to a shallow event coordinate system, using simple algebraic equations and trigonometry to create a series of equations that will give the location of the seismic event as latitude, longitude, and depth with respect to the elevation of the sensors.

The report is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

To read this report, you will need the Acrobat PDF Reader, available free from Adobe.

Kansas Geological Survey
Placed online July 22, 2015
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