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Kansas Geological Survey, Vol. 4, originally published in 1898

Volume 4

Paleontology—Part I: Upper Cretaceous

by S.W. Williston, E.C. Case, C.E. McClung, and W.N. Logan

Cover of the book; red-brown cloth with gold imprinting of seal on cover and title on binding.

Originally published in 1898 as Kansas Geological Survey Volume 4. This is, in general, the original text as published. The information has not been updated.

Letter of Transmission

Chancellor F. H. Snow,
Ex officio Director of the University Geological Survey:

DEAR SIR—I have the honor herewith to submit to you for your approval the first part of my report upon the Paleontology of Kansas, to constitute a volume of the University Geological Survey of Kansas. That such a work, completed and now in progress, is possible is chiefly due to your zealous wisdom and foresight, whereby the rich material illustrating this field of Kansas geology has been brought together in the museum of Kansas University. I desire, also, to express to you my hearty thanks for the many facilities and constant encouragement that have been afforded me by yourself and the Board of Regents in the prosecution of the work. Respectfully,

Samuel W. Williston.
Department of Historical Geology and Paleontology,
University of Kansas, February 1, 1898.

The complete report is available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Frontispiece, Reptiles of the Kansas Cretaceous Ocean, from Popular Science Monthly, with permission.


Frontispiece, Reptiles of the Kansas Cretaceous Ocean

Members of the University Geological Survey

Letter of Transmission



Part I—The Upper Cretaceous of Kansas: a Historical Review. By George I. Adams

Addenda, by S. W. Williston

Plates I to IV

Part II—Birds. By S. W. Williston

Birds of the Niobrara

Bird Tracks from the Dakota

Explanation of Plates

Plates V to VIII

Part III—Dinosaurs. By S. W. Williston

Plate IX

Part IV—Crocodiles. By S. W. Williston

Part V—Mosasaurs. By S. W. Williston


Range and Distribution

Comparative Anatomical Descriptions

Systematic Descriptions

Restoration of the Kansas Mosasaurs

Explanation of Plates

Plates X to LXXII

Part VI—Turtles

Introduction. By S. W. Williston

Desmatochelys. By S. W. Williston

Toxochelys. By E. C. Case

Explanation of Plates


Part VII—Microscopic Organisms of the Upper Cretaceous. By C. E. McClung


Part VIII—The Invertebrates of the Benton, Niobrara and Ft. Pierre Cretaceous. By W. N. Logan


Fort Benton Fauna

Niobrara Fauna

Fort Pierre Fauna

Explanation of Plates

Plates LXXXVI to CXX

General Index

Kansas Geological Survey
Placed on web Aug. 13, 2019; originally published 1898.
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