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Kansas Geological Survey, Technical Series 24, originally published in 2021

Midcontinent Carbonate Research Virtual Symposium Extended Abstracts

by Diana Ortega-Ariza, Ibukun Bode-Omoleye, Franek J. Hasiuk, Sahar Mohammadi, and Evan K. Franseen (eds.)

Kansas Geological Survey

A PDF file containing the complete report is available (12.1 MB).


This volume is the result of a virtual symposium on U.S. Midcontinent carbonate research hosted by the Kansas Geological Survey on September 14-15, 2021. The idea to hold the symposium was motivated by the importance of Midcontinent carbonate rocks in that they:

The goals of the symposium were to (1) have presentations on new and ongoing research on carbonate formations in the Midcontinent region, (2) foster discussion and the exchange of ideas, (3) explore opportunities for future collaborations, and (4) generate interest in having future meetings on a regular basis. The extended abstracts in this volume come from presentations that were given at the symposium. They cover Cambrian to Pennsylvanian carbonate rocks in the Midcontinent and comprise a diverse array of subjects, including sedimentologic, tectonic, geochemical, geophysical, diagenetic, reservoir, and aggregate studies.

We thank all of the speakers and participants for joining us in this symposium and sharing their research, thoughts, and ideas. We are extremely grateful to Julie Tollefson (KGS) for technical editing and production of this volume and to Blair Schneider (KGS) for symposium logistical help.

The Editors

Kansas Geological Survey
Placed on web December 15, 2021.
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