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Kansas Geological Survey, Ground Water Series 6, originally published in 1982

An Automated Numerical Evaluation of Leaky Aquifer Pumping Test Data: An Application of Sensitivity Analysis

by Patrick M. Cobb, Carl D. McElwee, and Munir A. Butt

Cover of the book; cream paper, dark green ink of title, author info, sketch of well causing a lowering of ground-water level.

Originally published in 1982 as Kansas Geological Survey Ground Water Series 6. This is, in general, the original text as published. The information has not been updated.

Executive Summary

The prediction of aquifer response to changes in water demand continues to be of increasing importance for groundwater management. Values for aquifer parameters must be determined in order to establish these demand-response relationships. A classic method for determining these aquifer parameters is to conduct a pumping test on an aquifer and take measurements of water-level declines versus time. These values are compared to standard aquifer type-curves to determine the type of aquifer being evaluated and the values of the parameters. The methodology outlined in this publication allows the user to analytically compare the pumping-test data with a general solution for a leaky-confined aquifer using modern numerical curve-fitting techniques that offer a bias-free solution and an estimation of solution accuracy. The values obtained may then be used to predict the demand-response behavior of the tested aquifer in the future.

The complete report is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

gw6.pdf (1.8 MB)

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Kansas Geological Survey, Automated Numerical Evaluation of Leaky Aquifer Pumping Test Data
Placed on web Oct. 2, 2012; originally published in 1982.
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