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Geology of Kansas (1920)

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Formation of the rocks of Kansas

Older rocks of the Midcontinent region


Cambrian and Ordovician

Mississippian system

Pennsylvanian system

General description


Lithologic character

Effect on topography



Des Moines group

Cherokee shale

Marmaton formation

Fort Scott limestone member

Labette shale member

Pawnee limestone member

Bandera shale member

Altamont limestone member

Nowata shale member

Lenapah limestone member

La Cygne shale member

Missouri group

Kansas City formation

Hertha limestone member

Ladore shale member

Bethany Falls limestone member

Galesburg shale member

Winterset limestone member

Cherryvale shale member

Drum limestone member

Chanute shale member

Iola limestone member

Lansing formation

Lane shale member

Plattsburg limestone member

Vilas shale member

Stanton limestone member

Douglas formation

Weston shale member

Iatan limestone member

Lawrence shale member

Oread limestone member

Shawnee formation

Kanwaka shale member

Lecompton limestone member

Tecumseh shale member

Deer Creek limestone member

Calhoun shale member

Topeka limestone member

Severy shale member

Howard limestone member

Scranton shale member

Wabaunsee formation

Burlingame limestone member

Willard shale member

Emporia limestone member

Admire shale member

Americus limestone member

Elmdale shale member

Neva limestone member

Eskridge shale member

Permian system

General description



Lithologic character

Faunal character


Big Blue group

Council Grove formation

Cottonwood limestone member

Garrison limestone and shale member

Chase formation

Wreford limestone member

Matfield shale member

Florence flint member

Fort Riley member

Doyle shale member

Winfield limestone member

Marion formation

Luta limestone member

Enterprise shale member

Herington limestone member

Pearl shale member

Wellington formation

Cimarron group

Enid formation

Harper sandstone member

Salt Plain shale member

Cedar Hills sandstone member

Flowerpot shale member

Cave Creek formation

Medicine Lodge gypsum member

Jenkins shale member

Shimer gypsum member

Woodward formation

Dog Creek shale member

Whitehorse sandstone member

Day Creek dolomite member

Greer formation

Unnamed shale member

Big Basin sandstone member

Comanchean system

Cheyenne sandstone

Kiowa shale

Cretaceous system

General description



Lithologic character

Effect on topography


Faunal character


Dakota sandstone

Benton formation

Generos shale member

Greenhorn limestone member

Carlile shale member

Niobrara formation

Fort Hays limestone member

Smoky Hill chalk member

Pierre shale

Tertiary and later deposits

Ogalalla formation

Quaternary deposits

Glacial deposits

Pleistocene river deposits



Sand dunes



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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web Sept. 15, 2017; originally published 1920.
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