History of the Kansas Geological Survey

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1541 to 1864

First Survey

1864 and 1865


Finally Persuaded

Starting Over

From Haworth to Moore

R. C. Moore

Post-World War II

1960s and 1970s



Table of Contents

Foreward, by Grace Muilenburg


1. A place 'wholly unfit': Geology in Kansas, 1541 to 1864

  • European and early American exploration
  • Geologic reconnaissance begins
  • The Permian controversy
2. Science and 'The disciples of progress': creation of the first Kansas Geological Survey
  • Early attempts
  • Creation of the first survey
  • First state geologist
3. The first incarnation: the geological surveys of 1864 and 1865
  • Mudge and the first Survey
  • Geology of Kansas
  • The 1865 Survey
  • The sanitary relations of Kansas
4. The hiatus: 1866-1889
  • Cretaceous fossils
  • The fossil hunters
  • Fossil hunting on the plains
  • A geologic map of Kansas
  • Mineral production
5. Finally persuaded: the creation of the 1889 Geological Survey of Kansas
  • Attempts and appeals
  • Created again
6. Almost like starting over: the University Geological Survey, 1889-1907
  • Haworth's first years
  • The University Geological Survey
  • Volume I
  • Changes
7. From Haworth to Moore
  • On crystalline rocks
  • Twenhofel
  • The arrival of R. C. Moore
  • Regulation?
8. R. C. Moore and the Survey of the 1930s and the 1940s
  • Cyclic sedimentation
  • Invertebrate paleontology
  • Professional standing
  • Moore and the Survey
  • The Wichita Well Sample Library
9. Post-World War II
  • Publication
  • John C. Frye
  • From Moore and Frye to Foley
  • Changing directions
10. The Survey of the 1960s and 1970s


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