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Pennsylvanian Rocks of Kansas

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Previous work


Stratigraphic Definition of the Pennsylvanian System in the Northern Midcontinent Region

The Mississippian-Pennsylvanian boundary

The Pennsylvanian-"Permian" boundary

Subdivision of the Pennsylvanian System in Kansas

Objectives of classification

Criteria for designation of major stratigraphic units



Criteria for designation of minor units



Some problems of stratigraphic nomenclature

Summary of the Revised Stratigraphic Classification of the Pennsylvanian Rocks of Kansas

Stratigraphic Divisions of the Pennsylvanian Rocks of Kansas

Des Moines series

Cherokee shale

Marmaton group

Fort Scott limestone

Labette shale

Pawnee limestone

Bandera shale

Altamont limestone

Nowata shale

Lenapah limestone

Memorial shale

Missouri series

Bourbon formation

Bronson group

Hertha limestone

Ladore shale

Swope limestone

Middle Creek limestone member

Hushpuckney shale member

Bethany Falls limestone member

Galesburg shale

Dennis limestone

Canville limestone member

Stark shale member

Winterset limestone member

Kansas City group

Fontana shale

Block limestone

Wea shale

Westerville limestone

Quivira shale

Drum limestone

Cement City limestone member

Corbin City limestone member

Chanute shale

Cottage Grove sandstone member

Iola limestone

Paola limestone member

Muncie Creek shale member

Raytown limestone member

Lane shale

Wyandotte limestone

Frisbie limestone member

Quindaro shale member

Argentine limestone member

Island Creek shale member

Farley limestone member

Bonner Springs shale

Lansing group

Plattsburg limestone

Merriam limestone member

Hickory Creek shale member

Spring Hill limestone member

Vilas shale

Stanton limestone

Captain Creek limestone member

Eudora shale member

Olathe limestone member

Victory Junction shale member

Little Kaw limestone member

Pedee group

Weston shale

Iatan limestone

Virgil series

Douglas group

Stranger formation

Tonganoxie sandstone member

Vinland shale member

Haskell limestone member

Robbins shale member

Lawrence shale

Ireland sandstone member

Amazonia limestone member

Shawnee group

Oread limestone

Toronto limestone member

Snyderville shale member

Leavenworth limestone member

Heebner shale member

Plattsmouth limestone member

Heumader shale member

Kereford limestone member

Kanwaka shale

Jackson Park shale member

Clay Creek limestone member

Stull shale member

Lecompton limestone

Spring Branch limestone member

Doniphan shale member

Big Springs limestone member

Queen Hill shale member

Beil limestone member

King Hill shale member

Avoca limestone member

Tecumseh shale

Kenosha shale member

Ost limestone member

Rakes Creek shale member

Deer Creek limestone

Ozawkie limestone member

Oskaloosa shale member

Rock Bluff limestone member

Larsh-Mission Creek shale member

Ervine Creek limestone member

Calhoun shale

Jones Point shale member

Sheldon limestone member

Iowa Point shale member

Topeka, limestone

Hartford limestone member

Turner Creek shale member

Du Bois limestone member

Holt shale member

Coal Creek limestone member

Wabaunsee group

Severy shale

Howard limestone

Bachelor Creek limestone member

Aarde shale member

Church limestone member

Winzeler shale member

Utopia limestone member

White Cloud shale

Happy Hollow limestone

Cedar Vale shale

Rulo limestone

Silver Lake shale

Burlingame limestone

Soldier Creek shale

Wakarusa limestone

Auburn shale

Reading limestone

Harveyville shale

Elmont limestone

Willard shale

Tarkio limestone

Pierson Point shale

Maple Hill limestone

Table Creek shale

Dover limestone

Dry shale

Grandhaven limestone

Friedrich shale

Jim Creek limestone

French Creek shale

Caneyville limestone

Pony Creek shale

Brownville limestone

Classification of the Pennsylvanian Rocks in Relation to the Carboniferous System

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