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Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 131

Ground-Water Levels in Observation Wells in Kansas, 1957

by V. C. Fishel and Betty J. Mason

KGS Bulletin 131


Measurements of water levels in 775 wells in 71 counties in Kansas in 1957 are given in this report, which is the second in a series of water-level reports to be published by the state. Records for part of the wells for years prior to 1956 have been published in an annual series of water-supply papers by the United States Geological Survey; records for some of the wells that are in the Missouri Basin have been issued in an annual series of mimeographed reports for the years 1947 through 1955; and records for some wells have been included in both reports.

Annual precipitation in the state ranged from 17.12 inches at Tribune to 54.10 inches at Wellington. The precipitation exceeded the long-term annual means over the entire state except at four U.S. Weather Bureau stations. Drought conditions prevailed in Kansas during the five years prior to 1957.

Ground-water levels in Kansas declined during the drought years 1952 through 1956, and at the beginning of 1957 most levels were at their lowest recorded stage. Precipitation during 1957 stopped the downward trend of the water levels, and most of the shallow ground-water levels rose during the year, but at the end of the year most levels were still much below their pre-drought stage.

The complete report is available as a PDF file.

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Placed online September, 2023
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