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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Rept. 2006-2

Core Description of the KGS Deffenbaugh Quarry 2, Johnson County, Kansas

W. Matthew Brown

KGS Open File Report 2006-2
January 2006

Operator: Kansas Geological Survey
Core hole: Deffenbaugh Quarry 2
Location: NW-SW-SE, S1-T12S-R23E, Johnson Co., KS
API: 15-091-23004
More information on this well.

All parts of this description are available as an Acrobat PDF file (3.3 MB). The facies photos are also combined in as an Acrobat PDF file (7.4 MB), and appropriate images are shown after each description figure.

Deeper--390-410 feet
core description
facies photo 2.06
facies photo 2.03c
Deeper--390-410 feet

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Updated Jan. 23, 2006
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