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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 91-52, p. 34

Sedimentologic character of valley fills in the Lower Pennsylvanian Morrow formation, eastern Colorado and western Kansas

Beverly A. Blakeney-DeJarnett and Lee F. Krystinik

Union Pacific Resources Company
Ft. Worth, Texas

Several cores are being shown at the workshop.

Please refer to the following paper for more information:

Krysdnik, L. F., and Blakeney, B. A., 1990, Sedimentology of the upper Morrow formation in eastern Colorado and western Kansas; in, Morrow Sandstones of Southeast Colorado and Adjacent Areas, S. A. Sonnenberg, L. T. Shannon, K. Rader, W. F. von Drehle, G. W. Martin, eds.: Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, Denver, CO, p. 37-50

Kansas Geological Survey
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