Reservoir Characterization to Inexpensively Evaluate the Exploitation Potential of a Small Morrow Incised Valley-fill Field

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-9

Core Petrophysical Properties

Grain Density and Porosity

From the core available the average grain density is 2.65 + 0.02 (at 1 standard deviation) g/cc. This density is consistent with the quartzarenite (modified Folk classification) composition exhibiting >90% quartz matrix. The sandstone is generally very fine grained with sub-rounded to rounded grains. Cementation is primarily quartz overgrowth with lesser carbonate cement and minor clay. Locally abundant glauconite cementation can make these sandstones sensitive to both acid treatment and injected water salinity. Density logs interpreted on the standard 2.65 gm/cc matrix density, with proper environmental corrections, provide accurate porosity values.

Pore Throat Size and Permeability

Though permeability is strongly influenced by porosity, Morrow Sandstones exhibit the same strong control of pore throat diameter (Figure) on k and fall on the same general trend exhibited by many rocks.

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