Reservoir Characterization to Inexpensively Evaluate the Exploitation Potential of a Small Morrow Incised Valley-fill Field

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-9

Norcan East Field, Minneola Unit
Clark County, Kansas

Setting and History

The Norcan East Field, part of the Minneola Unit, is located in Clark County, Kansas, approximately one mile north and two miles west of Minneola, Kansas. Initial development in this area began with the drilling of Norton #1-8 in Section 8, T30S, R25W. Completed in September 1980, this well initially flowed 157 bopd and 120 mcfd. Murfin Drilling Co. began active drilling in 1983. Effective July 1993, Murfin Drilling purchased all of Swift Energy's (successor to Ladd Petroleum) interest in the general area. Figure 1 shows the boundary of the Minneola unit along with the well locations, well names, and corresponding unit numbers.

The Minneola Unit produces from the Morrow sandstone. Based on production and simulation the reservoir drive mechanism is primarily solution-gas drive. Initial oil production varied from 38 to 164 bopd with many wells producing associated gas. DST analyses showed that wells completed in the early half of 1983 averaged an initial reservoir pressure of 1,555 psi while those completed in 1985 averaged 817 psi. This is consistent with production from a solution-gas drive reservoir without pressure support resulting in a rapid decline of reservoir pressure. By 1993, the wells in the unitized area were approaching their economic limit under primary production, with field production having dropped to 26 bopd. In 1994, 13 tracts, operated by Murfin Drilling Co., were unitized to initiate a water-flooding program. The unitized area covers about 1040 acres and includes the W/2 of the NE/4, and the S/2 of section 3; the S/2 of section 4; and the N/2 of section 10; all in T30S-R25W, Clark County, Kansas. Included in the unitized area are 12 producing wells and 2 water injection wells. This project focused on the unitized area and included the surrounding area (Figure 1) to develop a 3D geomodel that formed the basis for reservoir simulation.

Subsea structure map on the top of the Morrow

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