Bob Slamal Digital Type Logs Project

Kansas Stratigraphic Units

This chart was created to explain the Stratigraphic Units used for the Type Logs Project. In many cases many of the units that are listed in this chart are considered "informal", i.e. Excello Shale Member is used in many of the Tops for Kansas Wells, but is not listed in the Official Kansas Stratigraphic Units Chart. Many of the Stratigraphic Units that are mentioned in the Type Logs Project are units that Geologist are most familiar with and can be traced back to outcrops or to core descriptions. To follow this logic this web site was created to display many of the measured sections or core descriptions that have been published by Kansas Geological Survey and will be used here to represent the Stratigraphic Units that are part of the Type Logs Project.

Ogallala Formation
Upper Cretaceous
Montana Group
Pierre Shale Formation
Beecher Island Shale Member
Salt Grass Shale Member
Lake Creek Shale Member
Wesken Shale Member
Sharon Springs Shale Member
Colorado Group
Niobrara Chalk Formation
Smoky Hill Chalk Member
Fort Hays Limestone Member
Carlile Shale Formation
Codell Sandstone Member
Blue Hills Shale Member
Fairport Chalk Member
Greenhorn Limestone Formation
Pfeifer Shale Member
Fence-post Limestone Member
Jetmore Chalk Member
Hartland Shale Member
Lincoln Limestone Member
Graneros Shale Formation
Lower Cretaceous
Dakota Formation
Janssen Clay Member
Terra Cotta Clay Member
Kiowa Shale Formation
Cheyenne Sandstone Formation
Upper Jurrasic
Morrison Formation
Big Basin (Taloga) Formation
Day Creek Dolomite Formation
Whitehorse Formation
Kiger Shale Member
Relay Creek Dolomite Member
Marlow Sandstone Member
Nippewalla Group
Dog Creek Shale Formation
Blaine Formation
Haskew Gypsum Member
Shimer Gypsum Member
Nescatunga Gypsum Member
Medicine Lodge Gypsum Member
Flower-pot Shale Formation
Cedar Hills Sandstone Formation
Salt Plain Formation
Harper Sandstone Formation
Kingman Sandstone Member
Chikaskia Sandstone Member
Sumner Group
Stone Corral Formation
Ninnescah Shale Formation
Wellington Formation
Milan Limestone Member
Hutchinson Salt Member
Carlton Limestone Member
Hollenberg Limestone Member
Chase Group
Nolans Limestone Formation
Herington Limestone Member
Paddock Shale Member
Krider Limestone Member
Odell Shale Formation
Winfield Limestone Formation
Creswell Limestone Member
Grant Shale Member
Stovall Limestone Member
Doyle Shale Formation
Gage Shale Member
Towanda Limestone Member
Holmesville Shale Member
Barneston Limestone Formation
Fort Riley Limestone Member
Oketo Shale Member
Florence Limestone Member
Matfield Shale Formation
Blue Springs Shale Member
Kinney Limestone Member
Wymore Shale Member
Wreford Limestone Formation
Schroyer Limestone Member
Havensville Shale Member
Threemile Limestone Member
Council Grove Group
Speiser Shale Formation
Funston Limestone Formation
Blue Rapids Shale Formation
Crouse Limestone Formation
Easly Creek Shale Formation
Bader Limestone Formation
Middleburg Limestone Member
Hooser Shale Member
Eiss Limestone Member
Stearns Shale Formation
Beattie Limestone Formation
Morrill Limestone Member
Florena Shale Member
Cottonwood Limestone Member
Eskridge Shale Formation
Grenola Limestone Formation
Neva Limestone Member
Salem Point Shale Member
Burr Limestone Member
Legion Shale Member
Sallyards Limestone Member
Roca Shale Formation
Red Eagle Limestone Formation
Howe Limestone Member
Bennett Shale Member
Upper Pennsylvanian
Virgilian Stage
Council Grove Group
Red Eagle Limestone Formation
Glenrock Limestone Member
Johnson Shale Formation
Foraker Limestone Formation
Long Creek Limestone Member
Hughes Creek Shale Member
Americus Limestone Member
Admire Group
Janesville Shale Formation
Hamlin Shale Member
Houchen Creek Limestone Member?
Five Point Limestone Member
West Branch Shale Member
Falls City Limestone Formation
Onaga Shale Formation
Hawxby Shale Member
Aspinwall Limestone Member
Towle Shale Member
Wabaunsee Group
Richardson Group
Wood Siding Formation
Brownville Limestone Member
Pony Creek Shale Member
Grayhorse Limestone Member
Plumb Shale Member
Nebraska City Limestone Member
Root Shale Formation
French Creek Shale Member
Jim Creek Limestone Member
Friedrich Shale Member
Stotler Limestone Formation
Grandhaven Limestone Member
Dry Shale Member
Dover Limestone Member
Pillsbury Shale Formation
Zendale Limestone Formation
Maple Hill Limestone Member
Wamego Shale Member
Tarkio Limestone Member
Nemaha Group
Willard Shale Formation
Emporia Limestone Formation
Elmont Limestone Member
Harveyville Shale Member
Reading Limestone Member
Auburn Shale Formation
Bern Limestone Formation
Wakarusa Limestone Member
Soldier Creek Shale Member
Burlingame Limestone Member
Sacfox Group
Scranton Shale Formation
Silver Lake Shale Member
Rulo Limestone Member
Cedar Vale Shale Member
Happy Hollow Limestone Member
White Cloud Shale Member
Howard Limestone Formation
Utopia Limestone Member
Winzeler Shale Member
Church Limestone Member
Aarde Shale Member
Bachelor Creek Limestone Member?
Severy Shale Formation
Shawnee Group
Topeka Limestone Formation
Coal Creek Limestone Member
Holt Shale Member
Du Bois Limestone Member
Turner Creek Shale Member
Sheldon Limestone Member
Jones Point Shale Member
Curzon Limestone Member
Iowa Point Shale Member
Hartford Limestone Member
Calhoun Shale Formation
Deer Creek Limestone Formation
Ervine Creek Limestone Member
Larsh-Burroak Shale Member
Rock Bluff Limestone Member
Oskaloosa Shale Member
Ozawkie Limestone Member
Tecumseh Shale Formation
Lecompton Limestone Formation
Avoca Limestone Member
King Hill Shale Member
Beil Limestone Member
Queen Hill Shale Member
Big Springs Limestone Member
Doniphan Shale Member
Spring Branch Limestone Member
Kanwaka Shale Formation
Oread Limestone Formation
Kereford Limestone Member
Heumader Shale Member
Plattsmouth Limestone Member
Heebner Shale Member
Leavenworth Limestone Member
Toronto Limestone Member
Douglas Group
Lawrence Formation
Amazonia Limestone Member
Ireland Sandstone Member
Robbins Shale Member
Haskell Limestone Member
Stranger Formation
Vinland Shale Member
Westphalia Limestone Member
Tonganoxie Sandstone Member
Upper Sibley Coal Bed
Iatan Limestone Member
Weston Shale Member
Lansing Group
Stanton Limestone Formation
South Bend Limestone Member
Rock Lake Shale Member
Stoner Limestone Member
Eudora Shale Member
Captan Creek Limestone Member
Vilas Shale Formation
Plattsburg Limestone Formation
Spring Hill Limestone Member
Hickory Creek Shale Member
Merriam Limestone Member
Kansas City Group
Zarah Subgroup
Lane Shale Formation
Bonner Springs Shale Member
Farley Limestone Member
Island Creek Shale Member
Wyandotte Limestone Formation
Argentine Limestone Member
Quindaro Shale Member
Frisbee Limestone Member
Liberty Memorial Formation
Iola Limestone Formation
Raytown Limestone Member
Muncie Creek Shale Member
Paola Limestone Member
Linn Subgroup
Chanute Shale Formation
Cottage Grove Sandstone Member
Thayer Coal Bed
Noxie Sandstone Member
Dewey Limestone Formation
Cement City Limestone Member
Quivira Shale Member
Nellie Bly Formation
Cherryvale Shale Formation
Westerville Limestone Member
Wea Shale Member
Block Limestone Member
Fontana Shale Member
Bronson Subgroup
Dennis Limestone Formation
Winterset Limestone Member
Stark Shale Member
Canville Limestone Member?
Galesburg Shale Formation
Dodds Creek Sandstone Member
Swope Limestone Formation
Bethany Falls Limestone Member
Hushpuckney Shale Member
Middle Creek Limestone Member
Elm Branch Shale Formation
Hertha Limestone Formation
Sniabar Limestone Member
Mound City Shale Member
East Peru Limestone Member
Pleasanton Group
Shale Hill Formation
Guthrie Mountain Shale Member
Critzer Limestone Member
Mantey Shale Member
Exline Limestone
Hepler Formation
Middle Pennsylvanian
Desmoinesian Stage
Marmaton Group
Lost Branch Formation
Memorial Shale Formation
Lenapah Limestone Formation
Idenbro Limestone Member
Perry Farm Shale Member
Norfleet Limestone Member
Nowata Shale Formation
Walter Johnson Sandstone Member
Altamont Limestone Formation
Worland Limestone Member
Lake Neosho Shale Member
Amoret Limestone Member
Bandera Shale Formation
Mulberry Coal Bed (absent)
Pawnee Limestone Formation
Laberdie Limestone Member
Mine Creek Shale Member
Myrick Station Limestone Member
Anna Shale Member
Labette Shale Formation
Englevale Sandstone Member
Fort Scott Limestone Formation
Higginsville Limestone Member
Little Osage Shale Member
Summit Coal Bed
Blackjack Creek Limestone Member
Excello Shale Member
Cherokee Group
Cabaniss Formation
Mulky Coal Bed
Breezy Hill Limestone (Missing)
Squirrel Sand
Bevier Coal Bed
Verdigris Limestone
Croweburg Coal Bed
Cattleman Sand
Fleming Coal Bed
Mineral Coal Bed
Scammon Coal Bed
Chelsea Sandstone Member
Tiawah Limestone Member
Tebo Coal Bed
Weir-Pittsburg Coal Bed
Krebs Formation
Bluejacket Sandstone Member
Dry Wood Coal Bed
Rowe Coal Bed
Neutral Coal Bed
Bartlesville Sand Member
Warner Sandstone Member
Riverton Coal Bed
McClouth Sandstone Member
Atokan Stage
Lower Pennsylvanian
Morrowan Stage
Kearney Formation
Morrow Shale Member
Middle Morrow Limestone Member
Lower Morrow Sandstone Member
Keyes Sandstone Member
Upper Mississippian
Chesteran Stage
Chester D Zone
Chester C Zone
Middle Mississippian
Chester B Zone
Chester A Zone
Chester A Shale
Chester A Limestone
Meramecian Stage
Ste. Genevieve Limestone Formation
St. Louis Limestone Formation
St. Louis A Bed
Salem Limestone Formation
Warsaw Limestone Formation
Osagian Stage
Keokuk Limestone Formation
Short Creek Oolite Member Limestone
Lower Mississippian
Osagian Stage
Burlington Limestone Formation
Fern Glen Limestone Formation
Reeds Spring Limestone Member
Pierson Limestone Formation
St. Joe Limestone
Kinderhookian Stage
Gilmore City Limestone Formation
Northview Shale Formation
Sedalia Dolomite Formation
Chouteau Limestone Formation
Compton Limestone Formation
Boice Shale Formation
Chattanooga Shale Formation
Misenar Sandstone Member
Hunton Group
Hunton Group
Chimneyhill Dolomite Formation
Upper Ordovician
Maquoketa (Sylvan) Shale Formation
Middle Ordovician
Viola Limestone Formation
Simpson Group
Platteville Fromation
St. Peter Sandstone Formation
Lower Ordovician
Arbuckle Group
Cotter and Jefferson City Dolomite Formation
JCC Lwr Clean Zn
Roubidoux Formation
Gasconade Dolomite Formation
Gunter Sandstone Member
Upper Cambrian
Arbuckle Group
Eminence Dolomite Formation
Bonneterre Dolomite Formation
Lamotte (Reagan) Sandstone Formation
Rice Formation
Metasediment Formation
Igneous Formation