Reservoir Pressure and Temperature in the Blask Warrior Basin: Implications for Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery

Jack C. Pashin & Richard E. Carroll

Presented at
North-Central and Southeast Sections GSA Joint Annual Meeting

April 4, 2002

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Presentation Slides:
Title Page
Coalbed Methane Production & CO2 Sequestration Potential in Coal
Blue Creek Coal
Duncanville Core
Faulting and Fracturing
Pratt Structure
Phase Diagram
Gas Sorption and Temperature
Temperature - Depth Plot
Geothermal Gradient Graph
Geothermal Gradient Map
Pratt Temperature
Sorption Isotherms
Pressure - Depth Plot
Hydrostatic Pressure Gradient Graph
Hydrostatic Pressure Gradient Map
Pratt Virgin Pressure
Super-Critical Potential

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