Midcontinent Interactive Digital Carbon Atlas and Relational Database

John B. Hickman, James A. Drahovzal, Lawrence H. Wickstrom, Timothy R. Carr, John A. Rupp, Beverly Seyler & Scott W. White

Presented at
North-Central and Southeast Sections GSA Joint Annual Meeting

April 4, 2002

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Presentation Slides:
Toward a National Geologic Sequestration Strategy
The Situation
Technical Approaches to CO2 Management
MIDCARB Consortium
MIDCARB: Brings Together
MIDCARB Project Goals
CO2 Power Plant Emissions
Full Combustion Carbon Coefficients
State’s Data Resources
Existing State Geologic Data
MIDCARB Data Relationship Model
MIDCARB: Bringing It Together Online
MIDCARB: Technology Approach
CO2 Source Characterization
Major CO2 Resources
CO2 Sequestration - Sink Characterization
KY Power Plants and Oil & Gas Fields
CO2 Sequestration - Oil & Gas Reservoirs
Kansas: Oil Field CO2 Sink Potential
Ohio: Reservoir Characteristics
CO2 Sequestration - Coalbed Methane
Springfield Coal Thickness
Springfield Coal Overburden
CO2 Sequestration - Saline Aquifers
Saline Example: Mt. Simon Limestone
MIDCARB: Summary, page 1
MIDCARB: Summary, page 2

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