Timothy R. Carr, James A. Drahovzal, Beverly Seyler, John A. Rupp, Scott W., White, Lawrence H. Wickstrom

Presented at
Geological Society of America 2000 Annual Meeting
Reno, Nevada

Presentation Author: Tim Carr
Email: tcarr@kgs.ku.edu

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Presentation Slides:
Midcontinent Interactive Digital Carbon Atlas And Relational Database (MIDCARB)
PPT Slide
MIDCARB Project Goals
MIDCARB Consortium
State Perspective
CO2 Power Plant Emissions MIDCARB Consortium
Kansas Electrical Energy Consumption
Indiana Electrical Energy Consumption
MIDCARB: Brings Together Large Natural Resources Databases
MIDCARB: Available Resource Data
MIDCARB: Brings Together Relational Database Management Systems
MIDCARB: Available Resource Data
MIDCARB: Brings Together Graphic Information Systems and Network (Web) Expertise
MIDCARB: Available Resource Data
MIDCARB: Technology Approach
MIDCARB: Data Relationship Model - Data
MIDCARB: Technology Approach
MIDCARB: Data Relationship Model - Database
MIDCARB: A Different Approach
MIDCARB: Data Relationship Model - Applications
MIDCARB: Bringing It Together Online
MIDCARB: Data Relationship Model - Networking
CO2 Source Characterization
Kansas: CO2 Emissions From Electric Generation Facilities
Kentucky Power Plants
Kansas: CO2 Sources
CO2 Sequestration Site Characterization
CO2 Geologic Sequestration Options
Oil and Gas in Kentucky
Kentucky CBM Resource (Bcf)
Kansas Production: Cumulative and CO2 Potential
Kansas: CO2 Potential Regional
Kansas: CO2 Potential Local
Oomoldic Porosity: Lansing-Kansas City ‘C’ Zone
Minimum Miscibility Pressure: Lansing-Kansas City Oils
Injector Sweep Efficiency : Lansing-Kansas City ‘C’ Zone
Kansas: CO2 Sources
CO2 Flooding: Oil Price Sensitivity
CO2 Flooding: CO2 Price Sensitivity
CO2 Costs vs. Oil Price
MIDCARB: Schedule
MIDCARB: Summary

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