Distributed Spatial Databases

Nathan Eaton, Jerry Weisenfluh, Jim McDonald and Ken Nelson

Presented at ESRI International User Conference 2002
July 8-12, 2002
San Diego, California

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Presentation Slides:
Distributed Spatial Databases
Presentation Overview
MIDCARB Consortium
MIDCARB Project Goals
Spatial Database Design
Database Structure
Data Connectivity Options
Spatial Database Connections
MIDCARB IT Infrastructure
MIDCARB ArcIMS Deployment
MIDCARB Client Evolution - slide 1
MIDCARB Client Evolution - slide 2
MIDCARB IMS Client - Legend Customization
Data Display
ColdFusion Data Pathways
Distributed Coal Themes
ArcIMS - Level of Detail
Distributed Petroleum Fields
Metadata Access
Application Management Tools
ArcIMS Application Management Utility - List of Map Services
ArcIMS Application Management Utility - Map Service Definition
Future IMS Work

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