Dynamic Mapping of Kansas Oil and Gas Data with ArcSDE and ArcIMS

Jeremy Bartley and Tim Carr
Kansas Geological Survey

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The Kansas Geological Survey is the major repository of petroleum data for the state. It has an extensive collection of geologic, well, lease, field, and production data covering more than 300,000 oil and gas wells in a relational database management system. The data is inherently geographic (fields and wells have specific legal locations) but it is not currently geographically visible. We have developed ArcIMS applications that dynamically render tabular legal field boundaries based on the Public Land Survey System (down to parcel sizes as small as ten acres) with spatial data sets. The data can be queried and displayed using multiple themes that include geographic base layers, infrastructure, stratigraphy and year of discovery. ArcIMS and ArcSDE are being used to spatially and graphically integrate large tabular data sets. In addition the spatial display assists in quality control and of the large tabular data sets.