Personnel and Infrastructure

The group involved represents personnel in the Kansas Geological Survey and the KU Energy Research Center operating under the KU Center for Research, Inc. Many individuals are affiliated with both organizations. Researchers involved have broad petroleum and computer experience and have a long track record of addressing geological, geophysical, petrophysical and petroleum related question in Kansas and the Hugoton. A large number of the key personnel have extensive practical petroleum experience. This is probably the largest research group (outside of industry) that is dedicated to petroleum research. The number of KU personnel will grow in proportion to sponsorship. The present list of senior personnel along with primary area of expertise includes:

Alan Byrnes Core Petrophysics
Saibal Bhattacharya Petroleum Engineering (Reservoir Simulation)
Timothy Carr Petroleum Geology (Project Management)
John Doveton Log Petrophysics
Martin Dubois Reservoir Geology
Bill Guy Log Petrophysics
John Hastings Petroleum Geology
Michael Maroney Petroleum Geology
Ernie Morrison Petroleum Geology
Susan Nissen Reflection Geophysics
Robert O'Dell Reservoir Geology
W. Lynn Watney Kansas Stratigraphy
Computer Personnel
Dana Adkins-Heljeson Web-Based Applications
Kurt Look Relational Database Management
Ken Stalder Relational Database Management


Consortium Principal Contacts
Warren Winters Anadarko Geologist
Sid Langson Occidental Petroleum Geologist
Louis Goldstein Pioneer Geologist
David Habachy Vastar Resources Engineer

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