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map of SW Kansas showing wells with type logs created. Text links below.

Well Operator API Location
Shankle 2-9 Amoco Production Co. 15-093-21250 T23S, R37W, Sec. 9, NW SE SW
Mlp Scott A 1 Oxy USA, Inc. 15-067-21173 T30S, R35W, Sec. 26W
Shrimplin Gas Unit 2HI Amoco Production Co. 15-055-21045 T24S R33W, Sec. 7, N2 NW SE SW
Beaty Gas Unit 'E' 2 Amoco Production Co. 15-093-20111 T25S R38W, Sec. 26, C S2
Craft Gas Unit 3HI Amoco Production Co. 15-067-20652 T28S R38W, Sec. 22, NE NE SW NW
STUART 3-34R Pioneer Natural Resources 15-067-21415 T29S R35W, Sec. 34, W2 E2 NW
PAUL E PLUMMER 1 ARCO Oil and Gas 15-187-20437 T29S R39W, Sec. 25, NE NW
Kendrick 23-1 J.M. Huber Corp. 15-187-20632 T29S R41W, Sec. 23, E2 NW NE NW
Luke Gas Unit 4 Amoco Production Co. 15-187-20661 T30S R39W, Sec. 8, NE NE SW SW
NEWBY 2-28R Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc. 15-189-22225 T31S R37W, Sec. 28, SW NE SW SW
Montgomery Gas Unit 3HI Amoco Production Co. 15-129-20844 T31S R39W, Sec. 5, NE
Longwood Gas Unit 2 Amoco Production Co. 15-093-20815 T23S R37W, Sec. 35, C NW
I.L. KING 1 Amoco Production Co. 15-081-20280 T30S R33W, Sec. 13, C SW NE

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Updated Feb. 2002