Hugoton Gas Area
Stratigraphic Column

KGS Nomenclature Field
System   Series  Group  Formation  Member  Zone 
Lower Permian Wolfcampian Chase Nolans Limestone Herington Limestone Herington Limestone
Paddock Shale Paddock Shale
Krider Limestone U.Krider Limestone
L.Krider Limestone
Odell Shale   Odell Shale
Winfield Limestone Cresswell Limestone Winfield Limestone
Grant Shale
Stoval Limestone
Doyle Shale Gage Shale Gage Shale
Towanda Limestone Towanda Limestone
Homesville Shale Homesville Shale
Barneston Limestone Fort Riley Limestone U. Fort Riley Limestone
L. Fort Riley Limestone 
Oketo Shale Florence Limestone
Florence Limestone
Matfield Shale Blue Springs Shale Matfield Shale 
Kenney Limestone
Wymore Shale
Wreford Limestone Schroyer Limestone Wreford Limestone 
Havensville Shale
Three Mile Limestone
Council Grove Speiser Shale    A Shale
Funston Limeston   A Limestone 
Blue Rapids Shale   B1 Shale 
Crouse Limestone   B1 Limestone
Easly Creek Shale    B2 Shale
Bader Limestone Middleburg Limestone  B2 Limestone
Hooser Shale B3 Shale 
Eiss Limestone B3 Limestone 
Stearnes Shale   B4 Shale 
Beattie Limestone Morrill Limestone B4 Limestone 
Florena Shale B5 Shale 
Cottonwood Limestone  B5 Limestone
Eskridge Shale   C Shale 
Neva Limestone  

 C Limestone 
Pennsylvanian  Virgilian  Admire Grenola Limestone  Salem Point Shale 
Burr Limestone
Legion Shale
Sallyards Limestone
Roca Shale   D Shale 
Red Eagle Limestone Howe Limestone  D Limestone
Bennett Shale
Glenrock Limestone
Johnson Shale    E Shale
Foraker Limestone Long Creek Limestone E Limestone
Hughes Creek Shale
Americus Limestone

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