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Kansas Water Needs:

Issues related to supply, demand, and competition

Kansas Geological Survey Open-file Report 2000-29C (v2.0)

December 1, 2000

HPAE KGS and KWO Project Staff:

Authors and contributors as indicated on the individual report subsections

Overview: This section of the report on KWO-KGS Contract 00-124 addresses work done during the second half of fiscal year 2000, primarily relating to the 'competing needs' aspect of the study mandated by House Substitute for Senate Bill 287.  Although the work was done under the title of High Plains Aquifer Evaluation, KGS responded to KWO requests for support by addressing a number of statewide issues that include other areas in addition to the High Plains. Since aspects of the study are continued into fiscal year 2001, Version 1.0 of this report contained a mixture of completed subsections, preliminary results, and progress reports of ongoing work.  In Version 2.0, three of the draft sections were completed and transferred to the Atlas portion of 2000-29A (see modifications indicated in the table of contents below).  The remaining sections are unchanged from Version 1.0 and should be considered the final KGS contribution to the project, although as noted, the analysis itself was preliminary in nature.  The Kansas Water Office should be contacted for futher information on these subjects.
Preliminary Analysis of Projected Water Demands

Unchanged from V1.0; final report of preliminary analysis

Introduction; Methods; Rate of Demand Increase, PWS Groups; Year of Projected Shortfall, PWS Groups; Volume of Projected Shortfall, PWS Groups; Composite Risk Index (Rate, Year, Volume), PWS Groups; Composite Risk Index (Rate, Year, Group), Aggregated at County Level; SW Kansas: A Special Circumstance; Primary and Secondary Suppliers
Surface Water Quantity Section revised, moved to Part A (Atlas section) of V2.0 as Surface Water in Kansas and its Interactions with Ground Water General overview and summary of surface water availability and use in Kansas
In-Stream Water Resources and Historic Achievement of Minimum Desirable Streamflows (MDS)  Section revised, moved to Part A (Atlas section) of V2.0  Flow reliability of surface water sources other than reservoirs, Water quality considerations based on TMDL impairments, Historic achievement of MDS
Potential Groundwater Sources Section revised, moved to Part A (Atlas section) of V2.0  Eastern Kansas Aquifers, [Closed and Restricted areas-- dropped], [High Plains water quality -- see Regional Groundwater Quality provinces, part A]
Appendix: A Triage-based Approach to Resource Problem Classification Description of the conceptual approach to problem classification for the purpose of allocating attention and resources.

Funded (in part) by the Kansas Water Plan Fund