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Principal Investigator: Daphne Gail Fautin Co-Principal Investigator: Robert W. Buddemeier

Welcome to the web site for the National Science Foundation Project OCE 00-03970

Part of the Census of Marine Life through the National Oceanographic Partnership Program website hosted by the Kansas Geological Survey

Hexacoral also serves data through OBIS and interacts with some of its partners

Cite as: Fautin, Daphne G. and R. W. Buddemeier. 2008. Biogeoinformatics of the Hexacorals:



Funding: US National Science Foundation grant OCE 00-03970, with additional support from grants DEB95-21819, DEB 99-78106 (PEET--Partnerships to Enhance Expertise in Taxonomy) and three supplements in the REU program (Research Experience for Undergraduates) to Daphne G. Fautin. Significant support for the environmental aspects has been provided by the Land Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone program, in part under contract with the United Nations Environment Programme (GEF). Support for H.M.S Challenger project by the KU Digital Library Initiatives.

Contributing Specialists: Antipatharia--Tony Montgomery, Dennis Opresko, Ceriantharia--Tina Molodtsova, Nematocysts--Stanley Shostak, Scleractinia--Carden Wallace, Stephen Cairns and J. E. N. Veron, Zoanthidea--John Ryland, Geospatial analysis - Bruce Maxwell

Project staff: Dana Adkins-Heljeson, Prabhu Althi Lakshmana, Adorian Ardelean, Dan Atwater, Jay Baker, Sridhar Balijepalli, Jeremy Bartley, Dan Begert, Sukeerthi Bokka, Erin Brewster, Justin Buck, Andrew Campbell, Chad Campbell, Heidi Carlson, Hardy Chandra, Cindy Chang, Andrea Crowther, Margaret Dawson, Meg Daly, Justin Davis, M. David Fullerton, Gilisa Gould, Sarah Gregory, John Guinotte, Susanne Hauswaldt, Jeff Henning, Keith Hunsinger, Asif Iqbal, Seth Jacobson, Zack Kahler, Suman Kansakar, Karina Kervin, Matthew Kost, Ranjith P. Krishnan, Bridget Livers, Hazel Loaring, Kurt Look, Daisy Madathil, Sarah Mahoney, Carla Marrs, Bryan McCloskey, Alexa McDermott, Casey McLaughlin, Girmay Misgna, Uchiyama Mitsuharu, Jennie Nyp, Ije Ohaebosim, Katherine Pearson, Minran Pu, Dinesh Raveendran, Prabu Renganathan, Rich Robinson, Amanda Schmidt, Kapil Dev Siddulagari, Peder Sandhei, Mark Schoneweis, Ganesh Shankaran, Debra Shoger, Matthew Shipley, Ryan Schulze, Aaron Showalter, Laura Shulda, Casey Smith, Brea Smith, Katie Soldan, Amy Soules, Adam Tompkins, Bryan Tangney, Thy T. Tang, Eric Tempel, Liz Thompson, Jane Vander Molen, April Wakefield Pagels, Andrea Walton, Chriss Westphal, Tracy White, and Taras Zelenchuk.

Webmaster/Website Design: Casey McLaughlin/Adam Tompkins

Institutional partners:Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas, Kansas University Natural History MuseumNational Coral Reef Institute, LOICZ, NOAA Biogeography Program, Bits & Parity

Database partners: Fishbase, Cephbase, NMITA, OBIS, NVODS

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