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A directory of scientific contributions and available tools and information developed by the Hexacoral project and its partners

Project reports:

Annual report to NOPP Program, 10 Jan 01 (html)

Annual Report to NOPP Program, 24 Jan 02 (html)


Buddemeier, R. W., Baker, A. C., Fautin, D. G., and Jacobs, J. R., (in press 2003). The adaptive hypothesis of coral bleaching, In: Rosenberg, E. (Ed.), Coral health and Disease, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg. (download pdf file)

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Guinotte, J. M., R.W. Buddemeier, R. W., Kleypas, J. A., (in press 2003). Future coral reef habitat marginality: temporal and spatial effects of climate change in the Pacific basin. Coral Reefs.

Meetings and Other Presentations:

Buddemeier, R. W. Invited presentation on: "Climate Change and Coral Reefs" in the Capitol Hill Oceans Week 2002 Symposium [http://www.nmsfocean.org/chow/], Coral Reefs at Risk: Challenges and Solutions. June 6, 2002, Washington, DC
[view slide show]      [handout pdf]

Buddemeier, R. W. Invited testimony presented to the June 27, 2002 hearing on: Implementation of the Coral Reef Conservation Act of 2000 and the impact of climate change on coral reefs. Held by the Subcommittee on Fisheries Conservation, Wildlife and Oceans (Hon. Wayne Gilchrist, Chair), Committee on Resources, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC.
[view slide show]      [handout pdf]

Buddemeier, R. W. Invited presentation ("Changing Climate and Coral Reefs") to the Meeting of the US Coral Reef Task Force [http://coralreef.gov/dec2002.cfm], San Juan Puerto Rico, Oct. 2-3, 2002.
[view slide show]      [handout pdf]

Ocean Sciences 2002: OBIS Project investigators organized a special session ("BIOGEOINFORMATICS: CHALLENGES AT THE INTERSECTION OF BIOLOGICAL, BIOGEOCHEMICAL, AND PHYSICAL DATA OVER MULTIPLE SCALES OF SPACE AND TIME") at the American Geophysical Union/American Society of Limnology and Oceanography Ocean Sciences Meeting (Honolulu, 11-16 Feb, 2001), and presented or co-authored a total of 8 talks or posters in that and other sessions.

Biodata Presentations : Posters and talks presented by the Biodata personnel since 1996

ASLO 2001: Project staff co-organized a special session at the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography annual meeting (Albuquerque, 11-16 Feb, 2001), and presented or co-authored a total of 5 talks or posters in that and other sessions.

LOICZ Workshop Products

A series of Workshops are being held as part of the LOICZ/UNEP-GEF project, to develop coastal zone classifications for upscaling biogeochemical function. Participants at the workshop have produced a variety of typology and classification products, using LOICZVIEW and the Envirodatabase:
Brisbane Workshop Products (Asia-Australia Synthesis, Jan 2001)
Ensenada Workshop Products (Americas Synthesis, May 2001)
The Hague Workshop Products (Africa-Europe Synthesis, July 2001
Kansas Workshop Preliminary Products (Global Synthesis, Nov. 2001)
Final Regional Workshops Report (Regional Workshops, 2002)

Relevant Enviro Data Publications:

Buddemeier, R.W., S.V. Smith, D.P. Swaney and C.J. Crossland (editors) 2002. The role of the coastal ocean in the disturbed and undisturbed nutrient and carbon cycles. LOICZ Reports & Studies No. 24, ii + 83 pages, LOICZ, Texel, The Netherlands.

J. D. Bartley, R. W. Buddemeier, D. A. Bennett. 2001. Coastline Complexity: A Parameter for Functional Classification of Coastal Environments. Journal of Sea Research 46(2): 87-97. download a PDF version here.

Smith, S. V., D. P. Swaney, L. Talaue-McManus, J. D. Bartley, P. T. Sandhei, C. J. McLaughlin, V. C. Dupra, C. J. Crossland, R. W. Buddemeier, B. A. Maxwell, and F. Wulff. 2003. Humans, hydrology, and the distribution of inorganic nutrient loading to the ocean. BioScience, 53:235-245. (downloadable PDF file linked to title)

LOICZ Newsletter June 2000, No. 15

Maxwell, B. A., and Buddemeier, R. W., 2002. Coastal Typology Development with Heterogenous Data Sets Regional Environmental Change 3: 77-87.


LOICZ East Asia BASINS I Workshop 2001(ppt): Project staff presented and participated at the LOICZ regional (Hong Kong, February 25-27) river basins workshop focused on East Asian Drainage Basins/Coastal Zone Interaction highlighting the: Impacts of land-based activities on coastal seas of East Asia.