The Hugoton Asset Management Project (HAMP) was initiated in January 2004 as a two-year project with primary goals of modeling the Permian gas systems of the Hugoton and Panoma Fields in southwest Kansas and Oklahoma Panhandle and to build a digital pools catalogue for the pre-Permian fields in southwest Kansas. The project is a collaboration between the Kansas Geological Survey and eight industry partners with assets in the area and is designed to provide the knowledge and technical base required for intelligent stewardship, identification of new opportunities, and continued improvement in recovery strategies in the Hugoton and Panoma Fields in Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle. HAMP builds upon the Hugoton Initiative, a five-year project that ended in July 2003.

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  • Develop comprehensive geologic and engineering models for the Permian Council Grove Group (Panoma Field) and Chase Group (Hugoton Field).
  • Perform focused simulation studies on Sponsor defined problems in the Permian gas reservoirs and in regions identified as anomalous.
  • Develop a web-based, dynamic catalogue of pre-Permian oil and gas pools of the Hugoton Embayment.

Project Co-Managers: Martin K. Dubois and Timothy R. Carr

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